Recruitment Process

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”


ABHTA is in a position to Cope with Increasing Manpower Requirements from Senior and Middle Management Personnel to Unskilled work force Covering allSpheres.

We have Achieved Great Success in Recruiting number of Personnel in Various Professional and Technical Fields. You can Trust on ABHTA to find the right candidate of your Needs.

In Fact, we are so Confident of Recruiting the Best Employees to Suit your needs that we offer you a GUARANTEE to replace them Free of Cost if they fall below the standard or un-suitable for job within a particular period. Below stated are few Categories in which we can assist you in your Recruitment needs.

  • Semi Skilled (with less than 2 Years of Experience): Assistant Cook, Bar Binding Man, Barber, Block Maker, Boat Deck Hand, Carpenter, Erector Helper, Fisherman, Head Security Guard, Helper Steel Fixer, Kitchen Helper, Laundry Man, Placing Concrete Man, Press & Printing, Pump Operator, Triet Loader, Tyreman, Waiter, Work Controller.

  • Skilled (with less than 5 Years Experience): Accounts Clerk, Accountant Technical, Administration Assistant, Armature Bowing, Baker, Bench Grinder, Black Smith, Boat Deck Hand, Camp Surveyor, Carpenter, Carpenter Foreman, Car Driver, Charge Hand Marine Filler, Civil Works Supervisor, Civil Foreman, Cook, Compounder, Cutter, Chipper, Cushion Maker, Diesel Mechanic, Duct Man, Draftsman, Electrical Foreman, Electrician General F/M, Equipment Mechanic, Electricians, Excavator Foreman, Furnace Filler, Food Service Supervisor Butler, Glass Cutter, Heavy Duty Driver, Housemaids (Trained), Head Rigger, Iron Worker, Inspector for Compressor, Inspector for Cleaning, Line Man Electrician, Load Operator, Laboratory Technicians.

  • Highly Skilled: Earth Moving Equipment Operator/Mechanics, Engine Mechanic, Excavators, Grader Driver/Operator, Heavy Plant Operators, Inspection of Excavation, Machinist, Mobile Crane Operators, Operator of Bulldozers, Plant Operator, Shovel Operator, Trailer Drivers.

  • Highly Qualified: Engineer Technicians with Diploma only, Architect/Planners, Banking Specialists, Chartered/Cost Accountancy Specialists, Doctors, Geologists, Junior Executives, Mineral Specialists, Scientists-PhD. in various fields, Senior Executives, Soil Specialists, Surveyors with long Experience, Teachers/Professors, Engineers: Civil, Mechanical,Electrical, Marine.

  • Hospital Staff: Resident Doctors, Qualified Doctor's, Pathologists, Pharmacologist, Physiotherapist, Laboratory Assistants, Nurses, Ward Boys.

  • Marine Staff: Captains, Radio Engineers, Chief Engineers, Chief Maid, Second Maid, Third Maid, AWKO, NWKO, Bosun, AB, Electrical Officer, Petty Officers, Cadets.

  • Galley / Alleyway Crew: Deck Boys, Cook, Steward, Waiter, Bar Tender.

  • Computer Professional: Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, D.T.P. Specialists, Financial Package Operators, System Programmers, E.D.P Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers.

Recruitment Procedure

We employ a very healthy and a professional method of recruiting eligible candidates for a particular placement. We recruit the candidates by the following methods.

1. Client approach

This, we consider among the most important steps that determine our eventual performance. Our HR experts take a proactive approach for an in-depth analysis of the employer's exact needs.

2. Establishing a work plan

"A goal without a plan is just a wish", this is the rule that we follow. After understanding the employers exact needs, our team that specializes in planning makes a suitable plan for the entire recruitment process.

3. Releasing advertisement in newsPapers

Following the authorization from our clients, we publish openings for a particular profession, with complete job description in the leading newspapers and other popular media.

4. Screening of shortlisted candidates

Screening resumes is the process of sorting resumes to disqualify candidates using successively more detailed examinations of the resumes. The objective is to locate the most qualified candidates for an open job.

5. Interview procedure

The short listed candidates are called for an interview. They are interviewed by our selection panel and the representatives of our clients.

6. Practical trade testing

The selection panel subject the candidates to a trade test to check the authenticity of the trade of the candidates.

7. Medical tests

The candidates that are selected are sent for medical check up in a medical center, which is authorised by the country where the candidates will be placed.

8. Stamping process

Only medically certified fit candidate are processed further for visa issuance or visa endorsement. Upon such visa issuance / endorsement, we make all necessary arrangements for the candidates travel to the destination country. From the time a candidate is selected till he/she is deployed, the client as well as the candidate are provided with status information whenever required. Normally it takes about two to four weeks to mobilize workers after receipt of the original requirements/documents from the employers.

9. Emigration clearence paper

The individual files will be maintained for all selected candidates which will contain thefollowing documents.
1.Original passport.
2.Employment agreement.
3.Ten Photographs.
4.Copy of Medical Test Report.
5.Trade test report of application.
6.Educational & Experience certificate & CV’s.

10. Departure of candidates

The candidate will be departed for their particular jobs.

11. Candidate assessment report

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